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You might also clear off an old debt. If you have applied for a bank loan, then it will be sanctioned. Which Gem would be lucky for you? Get Gemstone Recommendations Now! As per Leo horoscope , this year will be slightly challenging for the students. You might experience few challenges in the studies.

Your concentration will drop slightly which will adversely affect your studies. However, for the students preparing for the competitive exams, the period starting from January to March will be quite favorable.

Leo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

If you are appearing for a competitive exam during this period, then you will surely pass with flying colors. After March, you will rely more on God and destiny than your hard work. You will believe in praying to God to clear your examinations. You might also read some religious literature during this period. You will take interest in learning a new language. The students who are learning a new language will get tremendous success.

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You will also take interest in technical education and might enroll into a computer course. The students appearing for board examinations need to study hard. You will only succeed through hard work and focused studies. The students applying for education abroad will get success, especially in the month of April and May. You will secure admission in the institute or college of your choice.

The initial months of the year will be particularly good for the higher studies. Thereafter, you might have to struggle a bit. You are likely to get good results in the month of September and November. The family life will be quite peaceful and favorable this year as per predictions for Leo zodiac sign. There will be peace and harmony in the family. Also, there will be an atmosphere of celebration and joy in the family. There will be a sense of mutual respect and support within the family. The year will be excellent for the siblings. They will do excellently in studies and clear examinations with good results.

They might also travel abroad for studies or work. He might have to move to a distant location after promotion. You might plan a travel to a religious place along with your family. A family member is likely to get married in the month of May or June. On the other hand, you might perform some religious ceremonies at home in the month of July or August.

Sometimes, you might get into an argument with a sibling over a petty issue, but your relationship will stay strong nevertheless.

According to Leo horoscope , your relationship with month will get stronger. All in all, your family life will be pleasant and harmonious. You will get mixed results in terms of family life this year, but it will be slightly better than the previous one. Although your relationship with the spouse will grow stronger, few issues might also emerge every now and then. You might make a huge financial gain with the support of your spouse this year.

If the spouse is working somewhere, then she or he is likely to receive a major salary hike or promotion.

The spouse might experience some health issues in the beginning of the year. You will have to be careful and treat your children as friends, and not argue with them. If the children are making unnecessary demands, then try to make them understand patiently.

To improve your relationship with the spouse, you can take her for a movie or plan a vacation together. The marriage life will slightly improve in the second half of the year. The life partner will respect your point of view and support you in crucial family matters. Your mutual understanding will increase and your relationship will become stronger. Doing this will cause an irreparable harm to the relationship. According to the Leo horoscope , the year will be challenging for your love life, hence, you must be very careful. Few conflicts or disputes might arise leading to unnecessary arguments.

Misunderstandings and miscommunication will affect your relationship negatively. Occasionally, you will feel quite dissatisfied with your love life. Try to sort out misunderstanding or conflicts peacefully through mutual dialogue.


Getting angry or losing your temper will make the matters worse, hence, act like a mature person. The conflicts can only be resolved through mutual understanding and dialogues. Try to pacify your partner with a lovely gift. However, the situations will not always be adverse for your love life. There will be plenty of times when you will share intimate and romantic moments with each other. Sometimes you might also plan a vacation or trip together which will strengthen your relationship.

You might also get married to your partner this year and take your relationship to the next level. Remedies: Get rid of malefic effects of Shani. By and large, you will enjoy good health this year. As per predictions for leo zodiac sign in the beginning of the year, i. You might feel a little weak and lethargic. Your health will improve tremendously in the middle of February. In fact, the period starting from April to September will be excellent in terms of your health and well-being. You will be quite serious about your health during this period.

You will maintain a healthy lifestyle, i. Through Yoga and meditation, you will keep yourself de-stressed and relaxed. However, be a little careful in the month of December. You might experience health issues like indigestion, constipation, headache, cough, etc. Neglecting any problem might have serious consequences. For good health and long-term health benefits, you need to live an overall healthy lifestyle that includes balanced diet, good sleep, exercise and relaxation. Avoid smoking and drinking as much as you can. Eat a vegetarian diet and practice Yoga and exercise on a daily basis.

Mediation is the best tool to avoid stress and control your mind. Try to mediate at least for half an hour daily. You might feel a bit stressed due to busy work-life. Hence, you must take enough rest and relax as much as you can.

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You might also experience few health issues like viral fever or get infections related to eye. Hence, you must look after your health always. Visit a doctor as soon as the problem surfaces. According to Virgo education horoscope , the period from the earliest starting point of this year till 23rd March is negative for scholars, though the stage from 29th April to seventeenth September is moderate.

Between 17th September to 31st December will be the best time frame for studies. The period from January till April first week will be useful for higher studies. The stage between the second weeks of April until the first week of August is negative. However, the period from August third week till 31st December will be superb.

The dreams to go aboard for further studies may be broken. This will assist you to be cautious and you will be prepared with interchange courses of activities. Simply continue gradually and smoothly and master those examinations. According to Libra horoscope, scholars will get blended outcomes this year. The individuals who are planning for competitive tests will defeat a few challenges, however, succeed at last. Your execution will be great; any way you should work harder. You may even feel lazy. However, if you concentrate well on your studies, you will get great outcomes.

Leo Education Horoscope 2020

Your craving to travel to another country for studies will likewise get satisfied. Chances of going abroad will increase by trying around the start of this year. Your older people and teachers will be helpful, yet you have to put additional efforts, according to your Libra Education Horoscope If you avoid your female companions and simply stay concentrated on your studies, you will be clearly making progress in This year will give blended outcomes in regards to your education.